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SSH2 protocol for java

last updated 12-Nov-2007

jaramiko is a port of paramiko for java: a pure-java implementation of the SSH version 2 protocol, released under the MIT license. it uses only features from java 1.3 (for example, InputStream instead of ReadableByteChannel) to make it more likely to work on embedded JVMs.

so far, it can do client and server mode SSH2, all the standard ciphers (AES, Blowfish, 3DES), compression, and all the shell, command, and subsytem channels. it can't do SFTP yet, though that's in progress.

* news
12 Nov 2007 jaramiko 151
group exchange kex; private key writing; bug fixes
9 Oct 2006 jaramiko 109
keyboard-interactive auth; compression; bug fixes
28 Oct 2005 jaramiko 79
crypto abstraction layer (for embedded devices); split Transport into ClientTransport/ServerTransport; various minor improvements
1 Aug 2005 jaramiko 58
first milestone
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milestone releases are being named after their bzr revision number.

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feel free to email me at <robey@lag.net> with questions, comments, and advice.